Venue Info

What to Expect

We will be dancing on a beautiful 12-acre property on the outskirts of Port Townsend. During the three days, there will be a core group of staff putting on the event, but we ask that everyone put in energy to keep our camp clean, help with food, prep for dances etc. Besides from general awareness about care for our space and camp, we are requesting that everyone do a two-hour volunteer shift. Sign up sheets for those will be available after our opening circle. This is important for our event to run well and an opportunity for contribution and connection.


 This is a camping-only event. There won’t be many indoor spaces, so bring lots of layers. Night on the Puget Sound can get chilly when you’re not dancing! will plenty of room to set up tents around the property or to sleep out under the stars. July is generally drought time in Port Townsend, so rain is unlikely, but not impossible.

Volunteering and Food

All participants will be asked to plug into a short volunteer shift and all volunteers will be provided with meals during the event.

What to Bring

The dance floor will be covered in the case of rain, but make sure to bring layers for all types of weather.
  • Musical instruments
  • A set of dishes (bowl, plate, cup and/or mug) with your name clearly written on them
  • A fork and a spoon (chopsticks are optional)
  • Warm clothes
  • If you’re interested in sharing a class or any sort of activity in open space time, bring whatever items you might need for this
  • Snacks for between meal times
  • A water bottle or two
  • Flashlights
  • All your regular camping gear
  • Your toothbrush! We’ll be dancing pretty close after all…
  • Anything else that makes you feel comfy and happy!


There will be enough parking for everyone, but please carpool as much as possible to save on space! We will have parking attendees on hand when you arrive to help you get set up and settled in.

About the Port Townsend Area

We highly recommend that you explore the area while you’re here! Port Townsend is a beautiful historic Victorian village on the Puget Sound. It’s full of cute shops and expansive views, ships and art. Just a few hours West of us are incredible hiking trails and the Olympic National Park.