Class Descriptions

Check out our Teachers, DJ's and Music page for teacher bios. These folks are amazing and we are so happy to get to learn and grow our dance repertoire with them! These are our current class offerings, but they may change and there will definitely be more, so keep checking in for updates!

The world of Hip-Hop offers so many versatile movement ideas to incorporate into our dance and since so much Fusion music draws from the sonic lineage of Hip-Hop, training this movement into our body helps us relate to and interpret the music with a better sense of vernacular and aesthetic with which it originated. We’ll explore footwork, weight distribution and stalls, rhythm and isolations, and how it all translates into partnership as well as enriches your expressive vocabulary for those solo moments.
Expanding on what we did in the previous hour, we’ll work with that same Hip-Hop vernacular and aesthetic in the micro landscape. Working with isolations to find satisfying pops, stalls, syncopated and lyrical flow and a degree of presence in listening that’s helpful and translatable with any music and any partner. Getting small is so beautiful and intimate, and with this added level of technique, you’ll be able to relish even the tiniest tone ramp and twist imaginable.
How do we know that our dances are consensual? In this class, we will explore the new basics of partner dance: what questions to ask, what boundaries to be aware of, and how to co-create a frame and a connection that moves the dance into greater safety and trust. Whether practicing consent on the dance floor is new to you or old hat, come explore both the foundations and the nuances of this evolving core principle!
This class with a focus on basic to advanced lifts. After briefly visiting some foundations of connecting with a partner, I will lead the class through a few exercise that help us to learn new ways of moving together. After moving around in space we will then begin to progress into a mindful exchange of weight. We will be starting low and work our way up. If you have been wanting to learn lifts then this is the class you won’t want to miss. Let’s fly high together.
Body rolls, hip shaking, frame shaping, hair flips and arm stylings are very common in the latin dance world. In this class, we’ll break some of these down and practice applying them in our own bodies to different styles of music to add some spice to the fusion you’re used to!
Executing complex dips safely on the social dance floor.
Within dance is the power to bring us back fully to the ever-present and ever-fleeting moment. The power to lose ourselves and find ourselves, and to be truly (capital-W) With one another. Yet so often dancers find that feeling of full presence and connection elusive. In this class Atoro will introduce and engage in methods used in Brazilian NeoZouk to allow for that deepening of connectedness. Students will focus on the nature of their engagement within themselves, within their partners, and the ways in which lead and follow are poised to empower one another. Though central to the practice of NeoZouk itself, the methods covered will incorporate beautifully into the form and spirit of fusion dance.
A fabulous way to break away from your partner for a few phrases of music, create conversational flow in your movement, then come back together and synch up with your partner. Playful. Fun. Fabulous. Fugue-ing can be applied to just about any dance form you do. This workshop will truly open all new kinds of possibilities for play & partnering on the dance floor!